March 2014 - Nicole Taylor - Human Resource Manager Emerald Corporation (Kentwood, MI) announces the addition of Nicole Taylor as Emerald’s Human Resource Manager. Nicole brings over 15 years of professional experience managing the HR departments of over 300 employees.

January 2014 - Emerald adds additional paint booth Emerald has added an additional paint booth to it's automated paint line now totaling five enclosed robotic paint booths. This allows Emerald to better support it's customer's product mix now offering inline monocoat, base coat/clear coat, tri-Coat and priming/adpro capabilities. 

October 2013 - Emerald Joins the In-Mold Decorating Association (IMDA) Emerald Corporation (Kentwood, MI) is please to announce it's membership to the In-Mold Decorating Association (IMDA). IMDA is the leading association for in-mold decorating and in-mold labeling bringing together printers, suppliers and customers IMDA Logo

April 2013 - Tyler Rowbotham - Materials Manager Emerald Corporation (Kentwood, MI) announces the addition of Tyler Rowbotham as Emerald’s Material Manager. Tyler has a MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management and brings extensive experience in international supply chain, project management, and kaizen activities using the Toyota Production System.

January 2013 - Emerald Launches State of The Art "Cloud" ERP System Emerald has implemented a new corporate wide state of the art cloud based ERP.   This new software by Plex Systems manages the entire manufacturing process and features full bar code inventory control and automation while integrating Quality Management Systems, Supply Chain Management and Customer Relationship Management. The system also features a customer portal with access to releases and other customer specific information. Learn More...

August 2012 - Emerald Featured in Plastics Decorating Magazine Emerald Corporation is featured in the July/August addition of Plastics Decorating Magazine

July 2012 - Brian Dillon - Corporate Paint Manager Emerald Corporation (Kentwood, MI) announces the addition of Brian Dillon as Emerald’s Corporate Paint Manager. Brian brings 20 years of paint process and production management experience working for companies such as Andover Industries, Freightliner, Mobis and most recently with Nissan.

November 2011 - Emerald Universal Racking System "E-URS" Emerald Corporation has designed and developed the Universal Racking System or "E-URS". This new system offers a lower cost racking solution for small volume programs as an alternative to manual booth spraying while still offering the quality and consistency of 100% robot clean room painting.

 August 2011 - Jeff Ignatowski - Director of Sales Emerald Corporation is pleased to announce Jeff Ignatowski as Director - New Business Development. Jeff brings over 20 years of decorative plastics sales experience including Class A painting, Screen Printed appliqués, IML, Laser Etching and Decorative Emblems in the Automotive, Appliance and Industrial Markets.

 March 2011 - 3 Dimensional Screen Printing Typical screen printing is usually done on flat extruded sheet stock material. Emerald Corporation has developed a method which allows us to screen print on a 3 Dimensional injection molded product. This allows us to print several colors directly on the part replacing the traditional method of large format pad printing or hot stamping while offering more robust graphics.

February 2010 - Emerald Moves into a New State of the Art Facility To meet the growing demand of our customers, Emerald Corporation has moved into a new 110,000 square foot state of the art facility based in Kentwood, MI. The new facility offers a controlled environment with clean room painting, silk screening and injection molding.